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A stitch in time with authorized service centers, saves nine points to ponder.

Wear and tear are at the epicenter of every machine.

What matters is how you take care of it persistently.

Take the water purifier that we have in our own homes, for example.

Clean drinking water is crucial to keep yourself healthy and safe. So what do we do? We carry out regular maintenance services to maintain the proper PH water balance. We get the filter cleaned and get the container checked.

Health is wealth and we don’t aim to compromise on it.

Similarly, when we get our car service at the authorized dealer, this assures us the long life of our car.

“Rohan”, thought the same when he was contemplating where to service his car. He had purchased a swift, about a year ago. He liked to keep his things well especially his flashy blue car, now that it was a year old, he wanted that every time he drove his car, it felt it was brand new having that engine roar to life again with a sturdy wheel and strong brakes. He wanted a service center that didn’t have any overcharges or carried out any unnecessary repair work. He wanted it to be economical on his pocket and gave a promise of long-lasting results. He googled for it and chose the Highest rated dealership on Google, “Bimal Auto”.

Rohan decided to visit the service center at Bimal and see for himself. He found that the process was pretty simple, with the ease of a touchless process.

1. The vehicle enters the gates and heads towards the service workshop station zone.

2. At standpoint, the security personnel interacts with you and make note of your vehicle details and checks you for the SOP of COVID prevention.

3. Your vehicle is parked on the right-hand side of the corridor and you are greeted by the lobby in charge personnel. He will then allocate the vehicle to the service advisor.

4. The service advisor will inspect the vehicle and hand over the vehicle to the technical advisor.

5. The technical advisor will take an ‘on-road test’ inspection with you, where you and the technical advisor personnel can discuss over the issues the vehicle faces.

6. The technical advisor personnel then provide their observations to the service advisor.

7. The service advisor makes a job sheet showing the brick areas of the repair work or body replacement work required.

8. When you are satisfied with the job sheet and given your consent, the mechanical work is set in motion.

9. The job sheet is shared with you and will be receiving an SMS conveying the stage that your cars service is in-the service has started, repair work in progress, service is completed and ready to be picked.

Rohan decided to take up the annual maintenance contract at Bimal. His service experience was top notch and he couldn’t be happier.

Bimal is mindful of your time commitments and ensures to keep you updated of the service journey via SMS.

At Bimal Maruti Service Center, your car is always in safe hands.

There are computerized diagnostic tools that are specific to its range of vehicles to find the problem at the core and to take measures to resolve it.

These types of equipment are expensive and are available only with authorized dealers. Not only are they well equipped with genuine spare parts but also have certified manpower who have put in over 100 hours of training, making them an embodiment of an ISO certified service experience.

Keeping a periodic maintenance service of your car is of utmost importance just like in the case of the water purifier at your home. Generally, wear and tear embark within 10,000 km of the odometer reading for a vehicle. You can opt for the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) plan that Bimal offers to lengthen the life (span) and reduce the maintenance costs of your vehicle. Quick service options are offered to vary from 60 minutes to 3.5 hours depending upon the type of repairs required.

With 14 touch points located across the city to drop your vehicle at the center along with a pickup car from home option, service is accessible 24×7. To know more details, you can contact the number 080 30693069 or click here to schedule your service.

Book your car service now!

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