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Is purchasing your car in December, more like a chess move?

Imagine this. On a Saturday afternoon, you are at home, and standing still on the table is a 64 piece black and white chessboard. You lean forward, lift your hand towards the board, and you make your move. With that adrenaline rush and great planning, you compose a magnificent move to remember. ‘CHECKMATE’. A favorite word among chess players. That wondrous feeling of getting the king at the eleventh hour speaks victory. With the stay at home norm due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are now spending more time connecting with our family and loved ones, making more time to play a game of chess.

We take social distancing very seriously where safety travel norms have become of utmost importance. The mobility behavior has shifted and people are now choosing the option to stay away from crowded public transportation to refrain exposure to infected spaces.

According to the McKinsey & Company survey, one out of three is interested in having constant access to a private-owned vehicle more than before COVID-19.

Our body tenses up with fear and mind is filled with concern when we think of booking a cab or taking the metro or any other public transport when we want to commute from one place to another. So what can be a viable option for a safe way of travel?

Is owning your car a pragmatic solution?

Is it the best decision and the right time to upgrade your car?

People value contactless connections and with the year coming to an end, you are more likely to get the best price and a good deal for your existing car. Auto loan rates have fallen, saving you thousands of rupees. Maruti authorized dealers are more likely to push their car sale in the month of December, bringing to you the maximum amount of season year-end offers and attractive discounts.

Cars are long term investments. (According to business insider)If a car is used for seven to eight years, they get a better resale value, keeping in mind that the car depreciates by 10-12 % in value every year. December discounts sweeten the deal.

Upgrade your car to new features with technology advancements, enhanced features, better mileage and better cruise control.

You can get the best cash discounts, corporate discounts and exchange bonuses. Avail the year-end offers at Bimal and save up to Rs.50,000/- on your purchases.

Buy now and save on the price hike of your dream car.

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