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What you SOW (Service on Wheels ) is what you reap.

SOW your vehicle and REAP you shall- Service On Wheels for your car.

On a cold Sunday afternoon, the doorbell rang. Deepa got up to open the door, and on the floor, there laid the delivery of fruits, vegetables and grocery items that she had ordered online. Deepa has been working from home since April and the ease of ordering things online enabled her to balance work and home chores very well. She found that the weekend was the time that she wanted to rest but there was a pressing issue, the car horn repair. She kept it on hold for a while since the lockdown announcement. Now she didn’t want to procrastinate any further.

“I don’t want to step outside the house to do this mundane task but I got to find a solution” she exclaimed.

At that time, her phone rang. It was Anwaya.

The two friends were having a hearty conversation. They spoke about how they missed meeting in person, the ease of getting their daily groceries online now and how they longed to go on long drives.

“It is important to run the car engine every 15 days. Last week, Rohan availed the option of ‘service on wheels’ and got this car’s horn repaired at home” said Anwaya.

“Service on Wheels!”

“Yes Deepa, SOW. Service on Wheels!. It’s a service workshop built on four wheels and offered by Maruti Suzuki service centers. I took Rohan’s advice and took the service. My car engine was not starting. I placed an appointment and within 24 hours an SOW came to my residence.”

“So there is no need to drive to the service center!”

“There is no need to send the car to the service center for minor repairs. Instead, the workshop comes to you. When your car’s wiper blade or horn is not working, car service or even when the car is not starting to name a few, without a hitch you can get your car serviced at home with SOW. You save time, money and effort. It’s a must try Deepa, especially during the COVID-19 period when safety is of utmost importance. The whole service experience for me was convenient and hassle-free.”

“Will you share their contact number”

Maruti Service on Wheels
Nexa Service on Wheels

Service on Wheels.

Yes, you heard that right! A passenger car service at your doorstep.

A smart mobile service built on four wheels is suitable for petrol, diesel and CNG car engine variants. It has a provision for underbody inspection and is well equipped with portable tools trolley for faster repairs. It is embodied with ergonomic storage racks for genuine spare parts. SOW is capable of conducting regular maintenance check-ups and includes ECU diagnostic check, oil changing, filter cleaning, balancing and alignment of tires.

The question thus arises how to avail this service at your convenience at your doorstep. Here the service is happening in front of your eyes. With Maruti Suzuki certified service workforce, Bimal has a 24×7 accessible service and has carried out over 2000 service on wheels personalized customer services across Bengaluru.

There is no need to visit or drive to the service center. You can save time with an easy documentation process and payment option offered at Bimal. To know more details, you can contact the number 080 430693069 or click here to schedule your service.

Why wait. Let the service come to you.

Book your Service on Wheels appointment today.

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