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Car test drive: Action speaks louder than words?

When you walk into an apparel store and you like that classic outfit, you have the liberty to try it. It gives you the freedom to understand if the garment fits you well or not. Should you go for something more fitted, a better color, or choose another fabric.

Compare this to a car purchase.

A car is a lifestyle product that you choose. You spend about 90 hours on an average on the road every month, to this add your long family trips to Conoor or even to Tirupati Balaji for Darshan. You drive your car to social gatherings, be it a mall or a wedding. The car is not only a mobility partner but it also becomes your mini home.

So, you aspire to get it right.

But what if your car is not big enough to fit in all your family members, what if your car is not giving you the right power output, what if your car has not got the most appealing features you wanted.

The solution is a TEST DRIVE before you buy!

Test drives give the customer the touch and feel of the asset the customer is going to be investing in. Cars being the second biggest investment in the customer’s life cycle ( first being a house ), deserves all the time and attention in the decision making process.

As a customer, you would love to check on the features of the car, feel the power behind the wheel, get your family’s consent and gauge if your needs fit in with the car you plan to buy. All this is possible with a test drive.

What more?

Have you taken a test drive to gauge the parking space at your home? Yes, you heard that right. Many times there is a limited amount of parking space that we can allot to our cars in the congested living scenario in cities.

Choosing to go for a car test drive is the starting point of introducing the kind of lifestyle you would aspire to adopt. Imagine sitting in the driver's seat, putting the key to ignite the engine, stepping on the clutch, with hand on the gearbox, and hearing the first sound of the engine roar. That is what you want to visualize to hear for the next 5 years of the cars life.

Many a time one would contemplate skipping the test drive altogether, probably because you trust the car reviews and you are acquainted with what the brand has to offer. Buying a car is a long term decision and going for a test drive puts things into perspective. According to Maritz’s survey in business time news, 80% of new-car buyers said the test drive was “very” or “somewhat” influential in their choice of purchase.

The vehicle that you tend you purchase becomes an extension of the lifestyle you aspire to live. When you have shortlisted the car that you would like to do a test drive, observe the ease you feel when you turn the steering wheel to the left or right on the road, how the brakes respond when you cease to function and pulse of the engine.

Are you concerned about the safety precaution measures during the test drive? Well, we got you covered. The test drive cars at Bimal are sanitized after every test drive. Plastic covers are placed on the gear knob, the seats and the steering wheel. Not only that, there is a hygiene and safety checklist procedure that Bimal adheres to, keeping social distancing in customer interaction areas, to the top priority.

After you do a test drive, sometimes even a 20-minute drive may not be enough. In that case, you can take a test drive as many times that are want to and reflect upon your decision whether the vehicle is a good fit for you or not.

The test drive is handled by experienced customer advocates at Bimal to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Now, going for a test drive is pretty simple. Bimal showroom has 24 locations spread across Bangalore, and you can choose to avail the service closer in your area.

You can choose the Nice road or the Airport highway to go for the test drive. You can request for a test drive by phone or online or you can visit the showroom and have the test drive there and then.

To book your test drive today, you can call 08030693069 or drop a Whatsapp at 9972398119. When you take a car test drive, action speaks louder than words and this would ease out your decision in purchasing a car that meets your lifestyle choice.

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